2015 American Augers

36/42-500E Electric Auger Boring Machine comes with Adapters and Tracks! 159 hours.

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General Description:
2015 American Augers 36/42-500E Electric Auger Boring Machine.
Seller States: 159 Hours Only!

-(2) 24" Saddle Adapters (seller states: New).
-(1) 24" Casing Adapter (seller states: Used).
-(1) 36" Casing Adapter (seller states: New).
-100 Foot Electrical Cord.
-(3) Extension Tracks.
-(1) Main Track (total casing length install up to 12 meters).
-Wireless Remote / Tether.

Additional Information:
Seller States:
-WEG 460V Electric-driven Motor.
-Allows for steep angle casing installation, ideal for HDD surface casing installation(s).
-No emissions in pit, minimizing risk to workers.
-Allows for speed and torque adjustment during operations providing the operator adjust to ground conditions on the fly.
-Frame is designed with the Quick-Tran system allowing the machine up to 10,000 lbs. to travel up and down tracks without winching or using the dogs.
-Power Rating: 150 HP / 112 KW.
-Thrust 500,000 lbs.
-Torque @ 15 RPM 42,500 ft-lbs.
-Torque @ 30 RPM 29,500 ft-lbs.
-Working Range - 12 to 48" diameter casing pipe.
-Hex Drive: 4".

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