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    Mark V

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Graphic Display LCD
Depth/Range 45 - 140 ft 13.7 - 42.7 m
Length 13.5 in. 34.3 cm
Width 5 in. 12.7 cm
Battery Life 8-12 hours (approx.)
Operating Temperature Range -4° to 140° F -20° to 60° C
Battery Charger 12/28 V DC or 110/220 V AC
Height 11 in. 27.9 cm
Power Source DigiTrak NiCad battery pack
Telemetry Range 2000 ft 610 m
Accuracy ±5% absolute
Frequency 1.5 / 33 kHz (dual)
Weight 8.7 lb w/battery 3.9 kg w/battery

Additional Info

- Dual-frequency receiver and transmitter.
- Effective interference rejection.
- Look-ahead locating provides location, depth, pitch, and roll of the transmitter in drill head, in addition to transmitter battery and temperature status.
- Target-in-the-box locating technique.
- Easy-to-learn locating technique that leads you to the transmitter or locate point.
- Enhanced locating features are built upon an accurate, proven design.
- Smooth auto-gain changes are transparent to the operator.
- Display shows real-time movement of the transmitter to allow "on-the-fly" locating.
- Patented calibration procedure offers superb accuracy and the ability to recalibrate while drilling.
- Remote left/right steering capability.
- Depth is displayed in real time. Functions are menu-driven. Beeper is used for audio output. Sleep mode activated after 15 minutes.
- Data Update Rate: Roll position at 12 times/second and pitch value at once/second.

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